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How to Fix iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Freezing Problem

iphone 8 freezing

Many people have considered the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus as some of the best phones of 2017 and 2018 , there are who have faced the negative side of using these devices specifically when it comes to the iPhone 8 freezing problem experienced with the device.

The freezing is experienced regardless of apps that you run on your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. You can troubleshoot the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus freezing problem using this guide as provided below.

Here is How to Fix iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus freezing

Many reasons have been put forward to try and explain why some people experience this problem which eventually leads to their smartphones crashing. It is highly recommended that prior to proceeding with any of the solutions below, try to update your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus to the latest software version. If the software update fails to fix the crashing apps then you can proceed with the solutions provided below:

Solution: Delete bad apps

Bad third party applications have commonly been behind the reason for freezing issues on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices. To get some facts about the app, read customer reviews on App Store and see if any other users are complaining of a similar problem. Unfortunately, Apple cannot troubleshoot the stability of such third-party applications which leaves the responsibility to the app developers. If the developers fail to issues an improved update of the app, it is recommended that you uninstall and delete the bad app entirely.

Reset the Factory Settings on Your iPhone 8

If it proves difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the freezing problem on an iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, then the best alternative choice is to perform a factory data reset. This can help fix the issues. Performing factory data reset can lead to loss of data, account settings, passwords and apps. This is why you must backup your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus before proceeding with the factory data reset operation. Here is a guide on how to factory reset the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Solution: Fix any Memory Glitches

When your phone stays active for too long without restarting, bugs and other issues start to creep in which may lead to the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus freezing or crashing. A memory glitch could be responsible for all that but you can fix the problem by turning On and Off your smartphone. If this doesn’t solve the issue, follow the directives below:

  1. Go to the Settings app and tap on General. Locate and select Storage & iCloud Usage
  2. Select Manage Storage
  3. Then tap on an item in the Documents and Data folder
  4. Move by sliding the unwanted items to the left then tap Delete
  5. Tap on Edit and the Delete All to get rid of all the app data.

Solution: Free Up some Memory

In certain instances, an app could freeze or crash because there is insufficient space on your device. If this is the case, you should free up some space by uninstalling and deleting apps that you do not use frequently or delete media files which are not very crucial.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

How To Clear Cache Huawei P10

Clear Cache On Huawei P10

Clear Cache Huawei P10 When you can’t get along with your Huawei P10 , there are a lot of things you can try to make it work without having to take it to an authorized service. Before you give up and say it’s not up to you, but also before you waste precious time with more or less effective solutions, you should know that there are generally two major ways to fix a surprisingly wide range of Huawei P10 malfunctions. We’re talking about deciding to complete a factory reset or choosing to do a Clear Cache wipe.

You must have heard of both of them so far, with the majority of troubleshooting guides out there often mentioning them. If you were wondering what’s the difference, let us make it clear for you now: when you factory reset a smartphone, you erase everything, from settings to stored data. When you do a cache wipe, you only erase the cache memory of some apps or of the system. In any case, for the latter, you don’t need to do any backup. Moreover, the cache wipe proves to be extremely useful whenever a smartphone freezes, is slow, has various delays or glitches.

The reason we mentioned that you can delete the cache of an app or the cache of the system is that there are actually two different types of cache memory. The app cache, that every single app has, and the system cache, that your Huawei P10 operating system has. Its purpose is to temporarily store data and ensure a proper flow of information. But when something happens with this cache memory, the flow is suddenly interrupted. That’s usually when apps start to freeze or even to crash and you need to clear the system cache wipe in order to make everything work smoothly.

To Clear Cache Huawei P10

  1. Open the App Manager under the general Settings;
  2. Tap on the app that has been causing you problems;
  3. Look at the app info screen;
  4. Tap on Clear Cache.
This is the first thing you have to do when you notice that a particular app is giving your smartphone a hard time. If you want to clear the cache for all the apps, you don’t need to manually follow these steps with every single one of them. Just go to Settings, Storage, and select Cached Data. In there, you will be able to clear all the app caches from just one tap, simultaneously. Our advice, however, would be to avoid clearing data for all apps if you don’t want to lose your saved passwords, preferences or settings.

If you did clear the cache of an app that was making the phone freeze or crash but it still acts the same, uninstall that app and then reboot the smartphone. Back up all your data before the reset, just to make sure that you won’t be losing any important information!

When neither clearing the cache, nor wiping the cache partition proved to work, the next stage is to try a factory reset of your Huawei P10. Usually, this final resort will make your phone work normally once again.

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FRP Bypass Apk 2019 Latest Version Free Download

FRP Bypass Apk

Are you looking for the simplest FRP Bypass Apk ? then you're at the right place. factory Reset Protection may be a new feature provided by Google with the discharge of android Lollipop 5.0. it's a brand new security live by Google for protect their user’s information. This feature helps you protect your personal data if your phone is taken or lost.

Whenever you established a Google account on your device, FRP is automatically activated. but if you lost your Google Account information, then FRP might become a problem for you.

If you done reset your phone, then you have to enter your Google account id and password to open it.

You can clear your phone’s data with FRP bypass APK along with your account and you'll have your phone unlocked.

Download FRP Bypass Apk 2019

File Name: FRP Bypass apk
App Size: 46 KB
File Type: application/
File extension: APK

FRP Bypass APK Download

After downloading the app from above link, follow the ways to Bypass FRP using the APK. Your phone are decrypted simply and quickly.

If you're facing issues in Bypass FRP lock with the app, you have downloaded the APK, then don’t worry, use the below things:

If you have android marshmallow 6.0 or higher than android version on your phone and you're not able to bypass FRP lock with FRP bypass Apk, then attempt to downgrade your phone.

when downgrading android version, you'll use the FRP bypass Apk.

How to Fix OnePlus 5 WiFi Problems


While it is true that OnePlus 5 WiFi problems may be common, this can be an extremely frustrating situation. Sometimes, it all moves too slow, despite having a strong signal. Other times, your connection is unstable and you don’t know why. We’ve looked into the main situations and here’s what we’ve come up with:

When the OnePlus 5 goes from WiFi to Data out of the blue

If you have the option of WLAN to Mobile Data connection turned On, this can happen when you expect – or need! – less. It’s actually called Smart Network Switch and, if you actually find it a dumb thing as it gives you more problems than solutions, you can get rid of it. You’ll have to check the Android settings first, but you’ll see that it is not complicated at all:

  1. Make sure you have the mobile data turned on
  2. Go to the Wireless options from the general Menu, under the Settings section
  3. Look for the option labeled as Smart Network Switch
  4. Uncheck this option and leave the menus

Now, you have instructed the device to stop searching for wireless connections and switching from WiFi to mobile.

When you want to put the WiFi on hold for some time

Just because you’ve learned how to stop the OnePlus 5 from randomly changing its internet connection it doesn’t mean you will always want to stay on the WiFi alone or on the mobile data alone. This section, however, is about staying mobile. So, if you want to turn off the WiFi:

  1. Swipe down the Notification panel
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Connections
  4. Tap on WiFi
  5. Switch its toggle from On to Off

When you want to forget a saved network and then to reconnect to it

If your OnePlus 5 has saved the credentials for connecting to a particular WiFi network, the first time when it tries to do so after the network experienced some configuration changes, you’ll get an error. The best way to go about it is to make the phone forget all these connectivity settings and start it from scratch with that network:

  1. Go to the WiFi network settings of your smartphone
  2. You’ll spot the list with all the WiFi networks you’ve ever connected to, from the most recent ones to the oldest ones
  3. Browse for the network you want to remove
  4. Select it and long press on its name
  5. From the context menu that will show up, select the Forget option

Note – if you just want to modify the connectivity data, like the password, you can use the option labeled as Modify.

The alternative to what we just listed above is to go to the Notification panel and hit the gear icon to make it to the Settings window. In there, browse to Network connections and select the WiFi option. Turn off the WiFi and select the network profile that you want your device to forget. Use the same Forget option and that was all.

When you want to speed up your WiFi connectivity

This desire usually comes into play when you notice that apps that have to load large amounts of data start taking ages until they make visible the texts, the videos, or the pictures displayed. Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook – you know them well. If pictures look gray or get replaced with the broken-image icon, or just take forever to load properly, despite having a solid WiFi signal, you will have to:

  1. Turn off the OnePlus 5
  2. Then, simultaneously hold the Volume Up, Power, and Home keys
  3. Wait for the phone to vibrate and the Recovery Mode to start, so you can let go of those keys
  4. Select, with the Volume Down key, the Wipe Cache Partition option
  5. Start it with one tap on the Power key
  6. When it’s done, use the same keys to Reboot System Now

Say you’ve tried it all, without success? If not even our selection of tips and tricks for dealing with your WiFi issues, WiFi connectivity problems, or WiFi speed on OnePlus 5 have helped, it could be something wrong with the phone. Let a technician check its hardware and software and wait to see what suggestions you get from there. If you have a warranty, it’s even better – you might get to replace the faulty OnePlus 5 for free.

Enable or Disable Autocorrect Google Pixel 3


For people who have Pixel 3 might get annoyed by autocorrect feature when they write and chat, today we are going to show you how to disable autocorrect on Pixel 3 and also how to enable autocorrect on Pixel 3 for people who wants to use the autocorrect feature.

Disable Autocorrect on Google Pixel 3

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Choose System
  3. Choose Languages & input
  4. Choose Virtual keyboard
  5. Select the default keyboard you use
  6. Select Text correction
  7. Now you can turn it off by click on Auto-correction.

disable Pixel-Autocorrect

Enable Autocorrect on Google Pixel 3

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Choose System
  3. Choose Languages & input
  4. Choose Virtual keyboard
  5. Select the default keyboard you use
  6. Select Text correction
  7. Now you can turn it on by click on Auto-correction.

enable Pixel-Autocorrect

Galaxy S8 Stuck at Samsung Logo in Bootloop


At the moment, we have common firmware-related problems that users of Samsung Galaxy S8 have reported. One of these issues is the freezing of the smartphone when powering on. The Galaxy S8 gets stuck on the logo and this happens regardless of what you are doing on the phone. This issue usually occurs after updating a firmware. This has led many users to claim that the firmware update creates more problems instead of providing a solution.

Due to the high number of user complaints regarding this issue, I have gone ahead to provide an effective solution that you can read in this article. Read on to get a better understanding of such problems and learn to solve them. I have also provided procedures for troubleshooting the freezing on logo problem for your Samsung Galaxy S8. Note however, that we do not provide a guarantee for the effectiveness of the procedures since the complexity of the problem depends with the source of it.

Galaxy S8 Stuck at Samsung Logo in Bootloop? here is how to fix it:


I own a Galaxy S8 and have used it for only 5 months. I have installed a couple of updates which worked successfully but unfortunately I experienced some problems after installing the latest update. My smartphone can’t seem to boot up to the Homescreen. The phone gets stuck on the logo, I have given it up to 2 hours but it cannot go beyond this point. At other times, it brings on a black screen and stays in that mode for long. I started experiencing this problem just after installing the latest update and then my phone rebooted automatically. I regrettably can’t confirm whether the last update was successful or whether it failed.


Updates sometimes do require a reboot in order to implement them properly after the installing them. Your problem is as a result of a corrupted data or caches. We have encountered similar problems before in instances where booting up freezes. I am going to recommend a very effective procedure which you must try with before trying any other methods of fixing such issues.

Delete all aches by wiping cache partition on Galaxy S8

A corrupt app or system cache as well as incompatibility cases occur after an update. As a result conflicts are bound to occur when the installed firmware uses these corrupted data or cache. This is what causes the problem you are experiencing on your smartphone. The arising issues also impact negatively on the overall device performance. If you didn’t know, it is recommended to clear the cache from time to time to ensure that your smartphone is in good shape and performs optimally. Deleting cache does not pose any risk to your system and hence clearing it can be done as frequently as you can.

Turning off Samsung Galaxy S8:

  1. Simultaneously press and hold the power, volume up and the home buttons.
  2. Release only the power key but hold the other two buttons once the Samsung S8 logo shows up.
  3. Wait for the Android logo to show and then release the volume up and home buttons.
  4. Wait for 30-60 seconds before doing anything on your phone.
  5. Use the volume down key to browse through and highlight the option for Wipe cache partition.
  6. With the option still highlighted, use the power button to select the option
  7. Choose Yes using the volume down button and select by pressing the power button.
  8. Give the phone some time to complete clearing the cache partition
  9. Reboot system using the option provided using the power button to select it.

Your phone will reboot although it might take longer than usual to complete this process. In my experience, wiping the cache should help you fix this issue. Nevertheless, try factory reset if the issue persists after wiping the cache partition. Factory reset is not highly preferred because it poses a risk of data lose. This is why I would recommend you try the solution provided below before performing a factory reset.

boot your Galaxy S8 in Safe Mode

Incompatibility of third party apps with your system results in issues such as the one you are facing. This deters your smartphone from booting properly. You can confirm whether or not third party apps have anything to do with the problem you are facing by booting the phone in the safe mode. Moreover, the safe mode will also enable check to see if you can still backup your data and files.

  1. Press and hold the Power button
  2. Release the power button just when the Galaxy S8 appears on the screen and press and hold the volume down button.
  3. Do not release the volume down button until the smartphone reboots completely.
  4. Release the volume down button after seeing Safe Mode in the bottom left corner of your screen.

A successful reboot will help your phone fix the problem without having to perform a factory reset. Use the safe mode to also back all your necessary files and data. Once you have done all this, reboot your smartphone in the normal way.

I have also come across instances where I only had to run the phone in the diagnostic mode while running only the pre-installed apps and services. If you want to avoid the unnecessary hassles of data back-up, you can try the diagnostic mode.

If you realize that after backing up your data, you cannot still boot your phone successfully in the normal way, the only other alternative is to proceed to the step below.

Try to Boot the Galaxy S8 in recovery mode and then perform master reset

A master reset should bring your smartphone back to its factory settings. This procedure leaves the firmware update running. Master reset usually clears the cache partition as well as the data partition. The data partition contains apps, personal info and preferences. Although this is your best shot at fixing the problem, however there is no guarantee that you will fix the problem especially if your last update was not successful. The procedure for performing a factory reset is outlined below;

  1. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy S8
  2. Press and hold the volume up and home keys and proceed to do the same for the power key

NOTE: It does not matter for how long you press and hold the volume up and home keys because this does not have any effect on your phone. However, the time you take to press and hold the power button affects the phone’s response time.

  • Let go of the power button as soon as the Samsung Galaxy S8 appears on the screen.
  • Once the Android logo appears, you can release the two keys and leave the phone for 30 – 60 seconds.

NOTE: Installing System Update message might appear on your screen for some seconds prior to displaying the menu for Android System Recovery. This appears as the initial step for the whole procedure.

  1. Use the volume down button to navigate through and highlight wipe cache data/factory reset option.
  2. Use the power button to select the highlighted option.
  3. Choose ‘Yes-delete all user data’ by using the volume down button then with the power button, select the option
  4. Give your phone enough time to complete the master reset.
  5. Choose to Reboot System Now using the Power button after which the reboot will take place although longer than normal.

The master reset in safe mode is an effective method for fixing the problem highlighted above. However, you are advised to take the phone to the retailer for firmware checkup if the problem persists after the master reset.

How To Fix iPhone 8 Blurry Camera and Pictures

iphone 8 blurry camera

Owners of the iPhone 8 have reported of blurry camera, Today we going to teach you how to fix iphone 8 blurry camera, The main reason may be because you might have forgotten to peel the protective plastic on the iPhone 8 camera lens and heart rate monitor. Therefore, before you start taking pictures on your iPhone x, you need to remove this plastic on camera lens

If after removing the plastic from the camera and you still experience blurry camera and pictures, try the following steps to fix the problem.

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How to Fix iPhone 8 Blurry Camera and Photos

Apple built the picture stabilization feature on the iPhone 8 for night time use but default enable it, and this is causing the slow camera on the Apple iPhone. The following instructions will help fix the slow camera problem on the iPhone 8.

Click on Settings > General >Tap on Storage & iCloud Usage. After then, select on Manage Storage. Select an item in Data and Documents. Then slide undesired items to the left and click on Delete. Finally, Click on Edit > Delete All to remove or Delete all the app’s data.

You can try a factory reset on the iPhone 8 if the step above didn’t fix the slow camera problem. Follow the instructions below to factory reset your iPhone 8:

  1. Turn on your Apple iPhone
  2. Go to Settings and select on General
  3. Browse and click on Reset
  4. Enter your Apple ID and password
  5. The process to reset your Apple iPhone should take a few minutes
  6. You’ll see the welcome screen display asking you to swipe to continue once reset

How To Use iPhone 8 Split Screen & iPhone 8 Multi Window

iPhone 8 split screen

If you own iPhone 8 you should know how to use iPhone 8 Split Screen, Multi Window, Multitasking Option on iPhone 8 allows you to use 2 apps at the same time.

you will able to use iPhone 8 Multi Window feature or multi window when you enable it on the settings menu.

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Enable iPhone 8 Split Screen & Multi Window iPhone 8

  1. Click the Settings, it’s the gear icon
  2. Click on Display & Brightness option
  3. Choose View found under the DISPLAY ZOOM section
  4. Choose Zoomed
  5. Choose Set
  6. Finally, click on “Use Zoomed”

Is the Multi Window, multitasking feature Helped you? Tell us what is your favorite feature on the iPhone 8 on the comments below and don't forget to follow us on our Twitter we may have some cool giveaways

How To Disable Incognito Mode Chrome

Incognito Mode Chrome

Want to stop the use of Incognito Mode from the Google Chrome browser on your PC, today we are going to show you How To Disable Incognito Mode Chrome following this steps.

Most of us have children and want to know what they are doing while be on Computer
disable chrome Incognito will prevent your kids from secret browse.

How To Disable Incognito Mode Chrome Google

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Windows 7

  1. Press Windows key and "R" at the same time
  2. Write “regedit“ and press Enter
  3. Go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” > “SOFTWARE” > “Policies” > “Google” > “Chrome
  4. Press Right click on “Chrome” and choose “New” > “DWORD 32-bit value
  5. Rename the value “IncognitoModeAvailability
  6. Double-click on “IncognitoModeAvailability“. A box will appear where you can set the value data to “1“.
  7. Restart the computer and the Incognito Mode will be disabled.

Windows 10

  1. Press Windows key and "R" at the same time
  2. Write “regedit“ and press Enter
    Incognito Mode Chrome
  3. Go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” > “SOFTWARE” > “Google” > “Chrome
  4. Press Right click on “Chrome” and choose “New” > “DWORD 32-bit value
    Incognito Mode Chrome
  5. Rename the value “IncognitoModeAvailability
  6. Double-click on “IncognitoModeAvailability“. A box will appear where you can set the value data to “1“.
    Incognito Mode Chrome
  7. Restart the computer and the Incognito Mode will be disabled.


  1. Go To the Finder, select “Go” > “Utilities“.
  2. Open the “Terminal” application.
  3. Write "defaults write IncognitoModeAvailability -integer 1" then press “Enter
  4. Restart your Mac. The Incognito Mode will be disabled.

If you want to enable the Chrome Incognito Mode again following the same steps and change the value to "0".


  1. Download Disable Incognito Mode from play store 
  2. Open the App and head to settings
  3. Turn on DisableIncognitoMode
  4. Click on back arrow and Click Allow



Deepcool Castle 280 Review

Deepcool Castle 280 Review

Today we going to talk about Deepcool Castle 280 review if you don't know about Deepcool in this review we will give you more information about it, Deepcool is one of the companies specializing in making professional boxes and computer cooling devices and now going in making power supplies, The company was Founded in China in 1996 during this short period and reached the Top in this field.

How Deepcool Castle 280 water cooling work?

The idea of water cooling such as the idea of cooling pipes connected to the copper base enters the cooling fluid on the one side and exits from the other side as we see the movement of liquid blue to yellow and is evidence of the exit of heat with the liquid to go to the other piece of cooling to disperse the heat radiator.

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Deepcool Castle 280 Review

Unboxing Deepcool Castle 280 RGB

Deepcool Castle 280 Packaging box with a picture of the ASUS AURA logo for compatibility with ASUS boards. However, you will find that the chipset is compatible with all GIGABYTE, Aorus or MSI motherboards.

The back of the box you will find a lot of information you want to know and the size of the radiator and the pump Also should know that the lighting of the type of Addressable RGB and it need a special socket on the motherboards and become available in many motherboards now, cooling supports all types of platforms as you see Threadripper processors.

1- 2 Fans 120 mm with 1800 RPM fan speed
2- Fan Hub for installing 4 fans
3- sticker piece to install Fan Hub 
4- parts for small AMD processors 
5- installation parts for Intel processors 
6- nails to install cooling base
7- The cooling base is made of metal 
8- Thermal paste is available for use for 3 to 5 times according to the processor.
9- 8 nails to install the fans and 8 nails to install the radiator in the computer box 
10- Additional cable to increase the length of the pump or Fan Hub 
11- installation guide
12- controlled lighting of RGB type with lots of different lighting mode
13- wires To connect the cooling on the motherboard and control them from the motherboard.

Fan Hub comes with the splitter no additional cost you pay to be able to install 4 fans and using only one port on your motherboard is really great.

Cable for wire extension of the pump or Fan Hub.

The back base in which the nails are installed through the holes defined for each platform easily and then installed behind the motherboard and installed from the front to install the pump The part of the INTEL and AMD accessories are the pieces that are installed in the pump itself to correspond to the part at the bottom of the motherboard.

You will notice that there is a bend in the design of the fans, which will lead to a leak of air which is what the company must deal in the next version of the fans to get the best performance.

Each fan comes with two ports to control its speed and the other to run its own lighting, a 3pin RGB port

To connect the fans, a 4-port ADDRESSABLE RGB cable is used to connect the fans. You will find two connectors connected to the ASUS boards and one on the AORUS or GIGABYTE boards with 5V.
If your motherboard does not support the installation of this type of cooling, you can connect the supplied controller to control the strip lighting And the pump separately without the need for a motherboard that supports it.

The fans come with a special design, showing in the picture the shock absorbers of the rubber at the places of installation of the nails and the transparent blade to achieve outstanding performance in the lighting

Comes with the Radiator fans DF / CF140 is 120 mm in size and operates at 800 to 1800 rpm.

This is the water-cooled dispersion called the RADIATOR. It comes in 280 mm. The user can install other fans of 120 m or 140 mm.

Here the water enters one of these tubes and runs inside the Radiator and comes out of the other tube after cooling by the fans. Dimensions of the radiator as mentioned previously 146 * 323 mm Therefore you must have a computer box that supports 280 mm diameters

The thickness of the radiator is 27 mm, the place of entering the liquid and the exit from the other side do not worry it is well fixed will not get out of position or move easily also the part of the pump moves to the right and left for ease of dispersion.

The length of the liquid cooling tubes is 30 - 31mm and it has professional packaging to prevent explosion and reduce evaporation due to the high temperature of the liquid Also here you will find the Gamer Storm logo on the radiator from both sides to give a better look.

The pump is a bit big because the company wants compatibility with all the processors, including the large Threadripper processor, covering the processor platform very well, the pump life is 120 hours, and the material is ceramic. Also, you should know that Deepcool is one of the companies that manufactures all kinds of cooling

The look of pump and lighting of pump up to 36 different effects through the built-in controller

Testing the Deepcool Castle 280

(Must read to understand the results correctly)

Testing the Cooler one of the most difficult tests that need to be accurate during the experiment should be used the same amount of thermal paste for each Cooler also must take into the time when the thermal paste to the best conductivity of heat transfer and this will change from one type to another there are some type within an hour and some within 24 hours It has reached its full thermal conductivity, in addition to the temperature of the room of the test, which changes every minute and sometimes less if the air source also has the amount of dust a large difference in the performance of dispersants.

How to test?

Very simple use of a quantity of thermal paste relative fixed from the dispersion of the other was also used paste attached to each dispersion and I use the pressure on the processor for a period of 6 hours and the operation of cooling for 3-4 days to get the best thermal connection to the attached thermal paste and also to fill the Radiator a good amount Of the dust to be the experiment is close to the experience of the end user also is used temperature difference between the room and the result of the test to evade any change in room temperature during the test the amount of error in the result at the maximum rating is one degree higher or less and will be divided into:

1 - Measuring the power of the Radiator and fans working on the AUTO mode of the motherboard
2 - Measuring the strength of the Radiator and fans working on 100% and overclocking the speed and will find the speed break tests

Water cooling Pump outlets are used if no ports are used for the motherboard and use the accessories if they have performance modes

Temperatures in idle do not interest the user in anything because he buys a Radiator to lower the temperature during work and not idle so you will not find it.

Why Auto Mode Fans?

AUTO mode is the mode that user prefers for the Radiator, which is the best cooling and low voice.


AIDA is a test of the stability of the device and we are working on it and we use the FPU

The Cooler is more than two and a half times smaller than that of Castle 240, and the fans do not work max, giving the feeling that they are the least annoying and the best.


A quick test of 3 games about 3 minutes per game

Overclock mode

Final Review

The cooling comes in black with a large pump and has a bright Addressable RGB light for the eye as well as fans and has 36 effects for lighting

Comment on the results of the tests:

The CASTLE 280 is better than the CASTLE 240 because the size of the radiator is larger even though the fans of the Castle Castle 240 speed is faster than Castle 280 nearly 100 rpm, which gives better performance and reduce the noise

Compatibility of memories and size:

One of the advantages of water cooling is that it is compatible with the memories because it does not even come close to them either with Deepcool Castle 280 RGB will have the choice that you either stick to the memory of the large size of the pump or to stick to the energy circuit or try to circumvent the decay of this and that should be the size of the pump is less by 3 m to 5 mm For better compatibility during installation in general

the noise :

During the games, there is no sound, but when the fans turn to the maximum speed is 1881Rpm, the sound becomes a bit loud and this does not happen in the normal operating mode

Easy installation:

It will not take more than 10 minutes for installation, which is good especially if you follow the user guides, but if you want to install without the user guides, it will take a lot of time.

the quality :

The Cooler is amazing by very good quality of the price and good looking and many accessories


The fans are not the best at the sound level at 1870RPM but also acceptable. Fan design allows the air pressure to leak from the sides. However, we got better performance than Deepcool Castle 240

price :

$ 130 , making the best choice if you like water cooling and beautiful looking.

Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you know all information about Deepcool Castle 280 in this Review.